Our primary services to clients can be categorised as follows:

° Hot Tapping and Stopple Plugging Services 
   - For pipeline sizes up to 42” (in country equipment capability).     
   - For larger sizes, a short lead time is required.
   - Temperatures up to 440°C
   - Pressures up to 10,500 kPa

° In Service Welding with associated engineering services if required

° Calliper Surveys: A geometry survey of a pipeline as a standalone service or a precursor to in-line inspection. 

° In-line Inspection (ILI) surveys: also known as intelligent pigging services. 

° Pipeline Cleaning: A series of mechanical and/or chemical cleaning runs to prepare pipeline for inspection or internal coating. 

° Insitu Coating: A process whereby a thin film liquid epoxy is applied to a pipeline ID up to 30 000 meters in length without cutting the pipeline. 

° Hydro Testing: As a post-construction activity or as part of a FFP exercise. 

° Leak Detection and Repair: Leak detection surveys along any R-O-W and repairs to the pipeline. 

° Manufacturing and Installation of Pig Launchers and Receivers Skid mounted or permanent installations 

° On Site Machining:
   - Cold cutting and pipe end prepping Line boring 
   - Valve lapping
   - Journal machining
   - Bolt torquing services

° Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Services: With a maximum rig size of 50 tons.



We have partnered with many international brands by being appointed as the Sole South African Agent for many of these products.